Cate Kensie Mysteries

The Secret of Dunhaven Castle

Care Kensie Mysteries Book One

Begin the cozy mystery series that will have you trading sleep for one more chapter!

Beneath the grandeur of her newly inherited castle, ancient secrets and peril await.

Down-on-her-luck history professor, Cate Kensie, is thrilled to be thrust into a world filled with family history after a startling inheritance. Nestled in the heart of the misty Scottish Highlands, where ancient legends and modern living collide, rumors and dark tales swirl about Cate’s new castle.

Cate finds her once peaceful, private life upended by hidden secrets and puzzling enigmas. Driven by her passion for history and an insatiable curiosity, Cate embarks on a journey that not only unravels the mysteries but transforms her into a formidable sleuth. Guided by a cryptic note from her predecessor, she deciphers veiled clues and generations-old secrets. With each step, Cate is drawn deeper into a web of intrigue that not only risks her own safety, but the fate of a hidden legacy that could reshape history.

As the mysteries of the past beckon, will Cate find answers or become the castle’s next piece of history?

Combining cozy mystery a la Murder She Wrote with the time-bending suspense of Doctor Who, this series will have you eagerly trading sleep for another chapter.

Join amateur sleuth Cate Kensie as she unravels the mysteries of the Scottish Highlands in this enchanting cozy mystery series. Buy now to begin your adventure today!

Murder at Dunhaven Castle

Cate Kensie Mysteries Book Two

A centuries-old murder. A persistent danger. Can she clear up the crime before there is another victim?

After moving into the sprawling Dunhaven Castle, Cate Kensie uncovers a dark family secret – an ancestor accused of murder. Cate refuses to believe it, using the castle’s mysterious time-traveling ability to investigate.

But as she delves deeper into the mystery, she unearths secrets that may prove to be more shocking than the crime itself. With a killer on the loose and willing to take drastic measures to keep the past buried, Cate must race against time to prove her ancestor’s innocence before it’s too late.

If you enjoyed the cozy fun of Murder, She Wrote and the time-traveling adventures of Outlander, then you’ll love this enchanting cozy animal mystery series with a unique twist.

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Holiday Heist at Dunhaven Castle

Cate Kensie Mysteries Book Three

She’s determined to find her family’s stolen jewels. Will this Countess’s Christmas surprise be more than she bargained for?

Cate’s dream of a festive first holiday at Dunhaven Castle quickly turns into a race against the clock when she discovers a mystery surrounding a century-old jewelry heist. Time-traveling back to the Roaring Twenties, Cate must uncover the truth before it’s too late.

But as her investigation continues, she finds herself thrust into a web of danger and deceit, with no clear way out. With danger lurking around every corner of the dark castle, Cate must use her wit and courage to piece together the clues or risk losing her life.

Will she find the jewel thief or find herself up to her cloche hat in danger?

If you enjoy winsome dogs, enchanting castles, and courageous heroines, you’ll love Nellie H. Steele’s Holiday Heist at Dunhaven Castle, Book 3 in this delightful cozy animal mystery series.

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Danger at Dunhaven Castle

Cate Kensie Mysteries Book Four

Frightening nightmares. Aberrations in time. Will one cost Cate her life?

Despite no end to her mysterious nightmares in sight, Countess Cate Kensie is thrust into another thrilling adventure when the time portals housed within her castle’s walls cease to be controlled by her heirloom timepiece.

Armed with a set of journals from the castle’s original owner, Cate sets off a time-traveling journey to fix the portals and end her bad dreams. As she dives deeper into the castle’s history, Cate stumbles upon secrets that chill her blood, and she realizes the stakes of her latest mystery are higher than she originally anticipated. Will Cate succeed in her mission or become a prisoner in another time?

Find out in the fourth book of Nellie H. Steele’s Cate Kensie Mysteries. If you enjoyed Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander, you’ll love this magical tale of mystery and suspense.

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A Spy at Dunhaven Castle

Cate Kensie Mysteries Book Five

When a skeleton turns up in her garden, she’s itching to solve the crime. But this time she’ll face more than just a murderer.

After her two pups dig up human bones, Scottish Countess Cate Kensie is determined to unearth the truth no matter the cost. But when her time-traveling investigation takes her into the middle of World War II, she quickly finds that the stakes are higher than she could have ever imagined.

With a murderer on the loose and a mysterious ailment plaguing her, Cate must brave the secrets, shadows, and deadly enemies to expose the truth.

If you enjoy magic and mystery mashed together into one thrilling tale, you’ll love Nellie H. Steele’s A Spy at Dunhaven Castle, Book 5 in the enchanting Cate Kensie Mysteries.

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Missing from Dunhaven Castle

Cate Kensie Mysteries Book Six

She’s solved mysteries before but never without her best friend. Can she find him before it’s too late?

Cate Kensie’s life is thrown into chaos when she is plagued by a mysterious illness she never knew existed. With random roamings and unpredictable fainting spells, only her time-traveling buddy, Jack, can protect her from herself. But when he goes missing, both of their lives are plunged into danger.

With the help of a mysterious group from across the pond, Cate must battle a powerful network of villains who want her dead and find Jack before it’s too late. Will she be able to uncover the truth and save the ones she loves or will she end up sacrificing something irreplaceable?

If you like fantasy-filled cozy mysteries, you’ll love Missing from Dunhaven Castle, Book 6 in the Cate Kensie Mysteries where the Shadow Slayers make a dramatic return to Dunhaven.

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Taken From Dunhaven Castle

Cate Kensie Mysteries Book Seven

She stands to lose everything…including her life.

Cate Kensie’s joy over finding her missing best friend is short-lived. A shocking change in history leaves the former history professor scrambling to find a solution. As she faces the possibility of losing her home, she’s forced to make difficult and astonishing choices to salvage her life.

With more threats looming on the horizon, Cate’s new circumstances leave her uneasy. And when the preceding Countess goes missing, she’ll have to battle against a changing history, a mysterious illness, a powerful network of villains, and even Napoleon to solve the case.

Will Cate find her relative and restore her claim to the castle or will she lose everything?

If you love fantasy-filled cozy mysteries, you’ll love Book 7 in the Cate Kensie Mysteries.

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