Middle Age is Murder Cozy Mysteries

Moving Is Murder

Middle Age Is Murder Cozy Mysteries Book One

A new hometown. A murdered aunt. Mysterious talking animals. Divorce just turned interesting.

Ellie Byrne’s life is turned upside down when her cheating husband leaves her broke and homeless, but when she inherits a bed and breakfast in the small town of Salem Falls, she’s given a second chance at a fresh start. That is until she finds out her aunt didn't just die on the property, she was murdered.

Suddenly, she finds herself the target of threatening messages and hostile attitudes from almost everyone in town. Desperate to find out who killed her aunt and protect her new life, Ellie summon her amateur sleuth mode, face her fears and unravel the mystery.

Can she piece together the clues and find her aunt’s killer or will this bed and breakfast end up a dead and breakfast?

Filled with middle-aged heroines, talking pets, and a quirky small town setting, this charming paranormal women’s fiction cozy mystery series will keep you guessing until the very end.

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Business is Murder

Middle Age Is Murder Cozy Mysteries Book Two

A missing treasure. A cursed property. Will Ellie’s bed and breakfast turn into a dead and breakfast on opening weekend?

Excited to restart her life after a bitter divorce, Ellie Byrne plans to re-open her aunt’s old bed and breakfast with a murder mystery weekend. But when she finds out the property possesses a cursed treasure that has robbed all previous owners of their lives, she worries her fresh start may lead to her death.

Threats abound and when a body turns up, Ellie’s convinced the curse is real. With hidden secrets at every turn, will Ellie piece together the clues and solve the many mysteries before she falls victim to the voodoo?

If you love mature heroines, talking pets, and small town settings, you’ll love Book 2 in this enchanting paranormal women’s fiction cozy mystery series.

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