Shelving Magic

Shadow Beasts

Shelving Magic Book One

What really happened to the last Duchess of Blackmoore?

Lenora, a lonely orphan with a mysterious gift, has resigned herself to a life of solitude. A surprise proposal from a Scottish duke brightens her prospects, but the offer comes with a dark request. She must use her ability to communicate with the dead to investigate the mystery behind the duke’s first wife’s suicide.

When she arrives at the eerie castle, with its blackening stones, she cannot deny the unease that shrouds it as thickly as the fog. As she delves deeper into the secrets hidden within the castle walls, Lenora finds herself trapped in a chilling situation where her own life hangs in the balance. If she doesn’t solve the mystery, she might fall victim to the same fate as her predecessor.

If you like strong heroines, family secrets, and twisty mysteries, you’ll love book 1 in Nellie H. Steele’s historical mystery series.

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Shadow Charms

Shelving Magic Book Two

She solved one case, but now she’s marked…and she’s being hunted.

Paige Turner has solved her first case as Shadow Harbor’s newest paranormal librarian, but she’s still fighting for her life from the fatal beast mark. And on top of that, she’s facing a new enemy and a powerful new magical weapon that can tear the world apart. Literally.

When the shrieking pixies set their sights on the wand of division, the world faces a danger like never before. And as the incurable beast mark on her back slowly kills her, she’ll have to fight against her own body and the magical underworld with the help of her teacup dragon partner. Will Paige find a way to keep the world safe from the new threat or will she succumb to her own illness first?

Fans of The Bureau of Magical Things and The Librarians will love this adventure-laden contemporary fantasy series.

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Shadow Lord

Shelving Magic Book Three

She may be cured, but that doesn’t mean she’ll live.

Paige Turner has finally been healed of her deadly day-walking vampire beast mark. The paranormal librarian thinks her troubles are over, but she couldn’t be more wrong. A chaos gem has surfaced and it could just end the universe if it falls into the wrong hands. Paige and her teacup dragon partner will not only have to battle against supernatural factions looking to steal it, but they’ll have to race other librarians for the ruinous reward. Some of whom are more harmful than the creatures.

Armed with only their wits, Paige and her tiny partner must fend off both enemies and frenemies to find the gem and stay alive. Will they save the world for a third time or has their luck finally run out?

Fans of The Librarians and Paranormal will love this cheeky romp in contemporary fantasy.

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Shadow Moon

Shelving Magic Book Four

The fate of the world is at stake again…and so is her life.

After surviving a vampire-infested castle and saving the world from chaos, Paige Turner is hoping to learn more about her familial roots. But when a Bronze Ring surfaces, the paranormal librarian must jump into action again before the Transylvanian vampires use it to change history. But she’ll find the fight harder than she anticipated.

Coming on the heels of the revelation that her mother may be alive, Paige is distracted by the news. And it only gets worse when she’s forced to work with her enemy, a day-walking vampire with an ax to grind over her recent rejection of him.

Paige, her tiny teacup dragon partner, and the newest member of her team must work together to stop the bold bloodsuckers from ruining the world. Will they succeed in their mission or will Paige be joining the Supernaturals as a member of the undead?

Fans of Warehouse 13 and The Librarians will love this comical caper in contemporary fantasy.

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Shadow Omens

Shelving Magic Book Five

Her mother may be alive, but will she live long enough to find her?

With the hope of finding her mother brimming, Paige, her teacup dragon partner, and eclectic band of allies ventures into the heart of Ireland in search of clues. But a cursed magical artifact will turn the trip into a fight for their lives, sending Paige and Dewey spiraling back through time.

As the artifact hurls them across time without warning or pattern, Paige and Dewey will have to help librarians past secure artifacts. But there’s a unique twist…they all have something to do with Paige’s history.

Paige stands to learn an intriguing secret about herself…if she can stay alive long enough to do it. From the wild west to 1940s Germany, join Paige and Dewey as they tumble through time in a desperate search for clues.

Fans of Warehouse 13 and The Librarians will love this comical caper in contemporary fantasy.

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