Hearts and Holdings Clean Billionaire Romance

Bet on a Billionaire

Hearts and Holdings Clean Billionaire Romance Book One

Grant Harrington is CEO of a global enterprise.
He has looks, charm, and billions in the bank.
There’s one thing he hasn’t got … a wife.

With four failed marriages behind him and a playboy image to rival Hefner, Grant Harrington’s public image has hit the rocks. Even worse—his position as CEO is under threat.

His daughter Sierra has the perfect solution: hire squeaky-clean Julia Stanton to be the next Mrs Harrington.

The question is: how?

As the new owner of Heritage Publishing, Sierra knows exactly how to get struggling author Julia to help clean up Grant’s image. Julia either marries her dad or finds a new publisher.

Saying “I do” is only the start of Julia’s worries. First, she receives a threatening note. Next, her husband’s secretary is abducted. But when Grant is accused of murder, Julia smells a rat.

What started as a boardroom betrayal is now a threat to his freedom.
Can Grant’s wife-on-hire turn into his bride-in-shining-armor?

Bet on a Billionaire is the first book in Nellie Steele’s Hearts and Holdings series. Fans of fake marriage, billionaire, grumpy sunshine, clean romance will love this new series with all its spills and billionaire thrills. And the will they, won’t they love story starts right here.

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Blackmail of a Billionaire

Hearts and Holdings Clean Billionaire Romance Book Two

Grant’s a hard-headed CEO.
But He’s Never Negotiated For His Wife’s Life.

Julia knew marrying Billionaire CEO, Grant Harrington, was never going to be easy. Keeping the “fake” part of their marriage under wraps until his board of directors backs off—that’s the ultimate challenge.

She’s been contracted to clean up Grant’s image and create a stable home at Harrington House—easier said than done. Especially as Grant’s daughter, Sierra, who’s got more issues than Time magazine.

Julia’s natural charm works on just about everybody, and Grant’s job is looking safer by the minute. His feelings for her? That’s where lines blur. Their marriage contract is crystal clear—it’s strictly business. Yet Julia has become more than just a prop.

Julia knows her marriage is fake. That doesn’t stop her caring about Grant and his daughter—maybe more than she should. So when she’s kidnapped along with Sierra, she’ll do anything to get them both home safe.

Grant is used to the high-stakes world of business.
But he’s about to find out that love is the riskiest game of all.

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Bargain with a Billionaire

Hearts and Holdings Clean Billionaire Romance Book Three

Billionaire CEO Grant Harrison didn’t want a fifth wife—he needed her.

But now his arranged marriage contract to Julia is nearing its end, Grant can’t imagine life without her. Even his temperamental daughter, Sierra, wants her to stay.

Then, when Grant’s caught in a suspicious explosion, Julia is the first by his bedside … closely followed by the irrepressible first Mrs Harrison. And with Grant’s surprise son, Karl, moving in too, it seems Harrington House may be getting a little crowded.

Perhaps Julia’s exit from the Harrington family chaos may be timely, although she’s the only one Grant really wants to stay.
Grant might be able to bring a boardroom to its knees. But being honest with Julia about his feelings for her … not so much.
Clearly someone still wants him out of the picture. So will a change of tactics save his life and give Julia a reason to stay?

Grant could say the three little words he really wants to spill.
Or maybe he’ll find another way to negotiate for Julia’s heart.

Bargain With a Billionaire is the third book in the Hearts and Holdings series. It’s a will they, won’t they, fake marriage, billionaire, grumpy sunshine, sweet romance that Nellie Steele’s fans already know and love.

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Battle with a Billionaire

Hearts and Holdings Clean Billionaire Romance Book Four

Julia can’t remember marrying billionaire Grant Harrington.
But she can remember kissing his son.

Grant Harrington has just negotiated an extended contract—another year with his wife.

Julia has agreed to stay and become CEO of Harrington Global while Grant runs for Senate. This should be cause for celebration. But the mysterious DG Industries are still lurking in the shadows, and Julia’s got them in her sights.

When she witnesses a meeting between two of DG’s major players, she’s stunned by the identity of one in particular.

It seems not even Harrington House is free from those determined to bring Grant and his billion-dollar empire down. And if his daughter Sierra is caught in the crossfire …

But before Julia can act, her memory is wiped in an accident. How can the amateur sleuth catch a criminal if she can only remember one thing?

That one thing?

A tender kiss … only, it’s not from her husband.

Grant is a man of decision.
So when will he open up about his true feelings?
With Julia, though, things are … complicated.

Battle With a Billionaire is the exciting fourth novel in Nellie’s Steeles Hearts and Holdings Series. Fans can’t wait for more of Grant and Julia’s will they, won’t they sweet romance. It’s packed with all the things you love: grumpy sunshine, fake marriage, stolen kisses and intrigue that will have you keep you on the edge of your seat.

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