Clif & Ri on the Sea

Rise of a Pirate

Cliff & Ri on the Sea Book Zero

Two sibling’s worlds are shattered by a single bullet. Will they choose redemption or destruction?

When Henrietta’s love interest turns out to be a scoundrel, her protective brother, Clifton, takes matters into his own hands. But one wrong move leads to an accidental murder and rips the sibling’s world apart.

While a heartbroken Henrietta mourns, Clif chooses a path of reckless abandon to escape his devastation.
When their lives cross paths again, will the rough seas of their past create a powerful pirate duo or will the treacherous waves drown them?

For fans of swashbuckling adventures, redemption arcs, take-charge females, and treacherous waters, Rise of the Pirate will take you on a journey of sorrow, hope, and redemption.

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A Pirate’s Life for Ri

Cliff & Ri on the Sea Book One

Two siblings set out in search of a legendary treasure. But will the quest cost them their lives?

After faking their deaths, Clif and Ri embark on a thrilling quest to find the legendary City of Diamonds–a bounty no one else dares to attempt. But dangerous adversaries and perilous locations stand in their way as their hunt draws the attention of deadly pirate enemies.

Their high seas adventure soon turns into a dangerous battle of wits and strength in order to survive. Will Ri’s thirst for adventure push them to their limits or will this powerful duo become living legends?

If you enjoyed the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series, you’ll love this thrilling pirate adventure by Nellie H. Steele.

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