Maggie Edwards Adventures

Cleopatra's Tomb

Maggie Edwards Adventures Book One

An unexpected package with a mysterious note and an ancient artifact catapults Maggie Edwards into an unbelievable adventure.

When her archeologist uncle sends her a strange item, Maggie is unknowingly plunged into a world of danger. A terrifying phone call alerts her to the danger both she and her uncle face.

After a break-in at her apartment, Maggie has nowhere to turn. She is forced to trust her uncle’s self-proclaimed associate. Is he leading her one step closer to finding Ollie alive or deeper into the dangerous web of the tomb raiders?

The tiny scarab could lead Maggie to the biggest archeological discovery of the modern world… if she lives long enough to find it.

Indiana Jones meets Lara Croft in this globe-trotting adventure series by Nellie H. Steele. Find out why Indies Today calls Cleopatra’s Tomb “the perfect page-turning getaway.”

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Secret of the Ankhs

Maggie Edwards Adventures Book Two

Maggie is pitted against a powerful network of black-market dealers with an ankh is stolen. Does she have what it takes to survive?

Maggie Edwards is back in her boutique and she’s landed a new government job after finding Cleopatra’s tomb. So, when an undistinguished ankh is stolen from the local museum, Maggie is the first on the case. Especially when her archeologist uncle insists it could lead to a major discovery.

When Maggie’s kidnapped, she learns firsthand the object’s value. And the stakes have never been higher. The thieves will stop at nothing to keep Maggie from retrieving the object. From fires to boat chases and even another encounter with Cleopatra’s deadly tomb, Maggie will have to brave it all to learn the secret of the ankhs.

If you love high-stakes adventure that takes you around the world, you’ll love Secret of the Ankhs, book 2 in this female-led adventure series by Nellie H. Steele.

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*This book is part of a series but can be read as a standalone adventure*

The Lost Treasure of Drakon

Maggie Edwards Adventures Book Three

When you’re Maggie Edwards, trouble follows you everywhere.

Thrilled to leave behind the pressures of her government position and her boutique, Maggie Edwards packs her bags for a quiet vacation in the Scottish countryside. She quickly becomes disillusioned when she finds her entire team at the airport and then experiences a series of disasters that sidetrack her plans and sends her to the supposedly haunted Clydescolm Castle.

But when Maggie stumbles upon a Norse dragon carving, delayed flights and phantom bagpipers will be the least of their problems. The intrepid team becomes tangled in an investigation of a lost Viking treasure horde. One large enough to save Clydescolm from financial ruin. And large enough to have attracted the attention of some very dangerous people.

It will prove to be another exciting discovery. If they can stay alive long enough to find it…

Find out why fans of Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider are raving about this series!

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Greyback Gold

Maggie Edwards Adventures Book Four

She longs for another adventure, but it just may get her killed.

Months after her Scottish vacation, Maggie Edwards is itching for another case. With her wedding on the horizon, she searches for a distraction from the planning. She finds it in an unlikely source. When her ex-boyfriend shares a tale of Confederate gold, Maggie dives head-first into the pursuit of another treasure.

But the hunt quickly turns dangerous. Met with roadblocks in her research at every turn, Maggie becomes entangled with secret societies and a familiar enemy who’s looking for payback.

Can Maggie make another discovery or will this mission be the end of her?

Greyback Gold is the riveting fourth book in the Maggie Edwards Adventure series. If you like take-charge heroines and high-octane action, check out Maggie’s latest quest.

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