Lily & Cassie by the Sea Cozy Mysteries

Ghosts, Lore & a House by the Shore

Lily & Cassie by the Sea Cozy Mysteries Book One

A new town. An old mansion. New beginnings or the beginning of the end?

When Lily Bennett and Cassie MacGuire move to Hideaway Bay, they hope to find a fresh start in the charming small town. But their new house, Whispering Manor, hides a chilling secret. Legends of ghosts, paranormal disturbances, and pirate treasure plague them.

But when these two amateur sleuths stumble across two cold case mysteries, they find dark secrets lurking around every dusty corner. And someone or somethingseems determined to stop their investigation. As the strange occurrences turn dangerous, the pair fear for their lives and wonder if they’ll be the next dead body turning up in Whispering Manor.

Will their perfect new town turn out to be their biggest mistake and will it cost them their lives?

Ghosts, Lore & a House by the Shore is the charming first installment in this small, seaside town mother-daughter cozy mystery series by Nellie H. Steele.

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Spirits, Tales & a Body by the Bales

Lily & Cassie by the Sea Cozy Mysteries Book Two

Haunting happenings. A shocking murder. Will a mother-daughter duo discover the buried truth before an innocent life is destroyed?

With spooky preparations filling their days, Lily and Cassie find themselves caught up in a web of lies and deceit. In the small town of Hideaway Bay, the mother and daughter team’s efforts to build a haunted maze for the town’s Halloween festivities are constantly interrupted by strange events.

But when a real body turns up on opening night, they must unravel the secrets and dark truths lurking around ever corner to prevent the trouble from turning deadly again.

Fans of cozy mysteries will love the suspenseful and thrilling second book in the Lily & Cassie by the Sea Cozy Mysteries by Nellie H. Steele.

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Legends, Tea & a Ghost Named Ri

Lily & Cassie by the Sea Cozy Mysteries Book Three

A new resident ghost, a chilling murder and a mother-daughter duo caught in the crosshairs. Will they unmask the killer before they become the next victim?

The small town of Hideaway Bay is rocked by another murder just weeks before Christmas. When they stumble upon the body, amateur sleuths Lily and Cassie are thrust into the middle of the murder investigation. To clear their names, they must search for the real culprit.

Together with their resident ghost, former female pirate captain, Ri, and their one-eyed cat, they’ll have to sort through the dark secrets to find the shocking truths waiting for them under the mistletoe. And if they can’t piece together the puzzle, they may become the killer’s next victims.

Fans of Murder, She Wrote will love the supernatural twist in the third book in this paranormal cozy mystery series by Nellie H. Steele.

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