Duchess of Blackmoore Mysteries

Death of a Duchess

Duchess of Blackmoore Mysteries Book One

What really happened to the last Duchess of Blackmoore?

Lenora, a lonely orphan with a mysterious gift, has resigned herself to a life of solitude. A surprise proposal from a Scottish duke brightens her prospects, but the offer comes with a dark request. She must use her ability to communicate with the dead to investigate the mystery behind the duke’s first wife’s suicide.

When she arrives at the eerie castle, with its blackening stones, she cannot deny the unease that shrouds it as thickly as the fog. As she delves deeper into the secrets hidden within the castle walls, Lenora finds herself trapped in a chilling situation where her own life hangs in the balance. If she doesn’t solve the mystery, she might fall victim to the same fate as her predecessor.

If you like strong heroines, family secrets, and twisty mysteries, you’ll love book 1 in Nellie H. Steele’s historical mystery series.

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Letter to a Duchess

Duchess of Blackmoore Mysteries Book Two

Only she can prove his innocence, but will it make her the killer’s next victim?

Lenora Fletcher’s new role as Duchess of Blackmoore is put to the test when her brother-in-law is framed for murder. Desperate for help, he begs her to use her power to communicate with the dead to prove his innocence.

As Lenora navigates the dark and dangerous depths of the sailor’s past, she finds herself in deeper and darker waters than she anticipated. With a truth more twisted than she ever imagined and her life on the line, will Lenora discover the killer’s identity before it’s too late?

If you like take-charge heroines in historical mysteries filled with secrets, suspense, and danger, you’ll love Nellie H. Steele’s Letter to a Duchess.

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Asylum for a Duchess

Duchess of Blackmoore Mysteries Book Three

When her haunting past returns, will it destroy her future?

Brimming with joy over the birth of her first daughter, Lenora assumes her past is firmly behind her until a chance meeting with her assumed-to-be-deceased father rips away her happiness and plunges her life into chaos.

Desperate for closure, she embarks on a tumultuous journey to visit her mother in a sanitarium, only to be confronted by a wayward spirit begging for her help. Her investigation leads her to a dark place filled with secrets and demons of her past. She finds herself in a race against time as something wicked closes in on her. With her gift threatening to be her undoing, will Lenora be able to confront the darkness and reclaim her like?

Asylum for a Duchess is the riveting third book in the Duchess of Blackmoore Mystery series. If you like big-hearted heroines, haunting tales, and historical backdrops, you’ll love Nellie H. Steele’s taste of the supernatural.

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Danger for a Duchess

Duchess of Blackmoore Mysteries Book Four

Amidst the shadows of unsolved mysteries, Lenora faces a new enigma that could shatter her world. Who killed her father?

As Lenora struggles to decipher the eerie happenings surrounding her daughter and strives to free her friend’s trapped spirit, a new puzzle emerges–one that hits too close to home. When her father is brutally murdered, Lenora must plunge into the dark depths of his past, unearthing secrets that sends shivers down her spine.

With her life hanging in the balance and a treacherous fate looming, Lenora must unravel a sinister web of connections or risk becoming the next victim.

Danger for a Duchess is the gripping fourth installment in the Duchess of Blackmoore Mysteries. If you crave unique heroines with haunting backstories set against the historical backdrop of Victorian Scotland, you’ll love Nellie H. Steele’s spellbinding foray into history.

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