Shadow Slayers Stories

Shadows of the Past

Shadow Slayers Stories Book One

A haunting melody. A whisper of magic. Can she withstand the dangerous pull of a supernatural abyss?

Josie Benson’s nights are plagued by nightmares so vivid they blur the lines of reality. When a centuries-old music box surfaces on her doorstep, playing a tune that echoes in the darkest corners of her subconscious, her life spirals into a chilling mystery–one with life-changing potential. Inside the box lies a ruby necklace, hinting at otherworldly secrets buried in the shadows of her past.

Guided by an enigmatic stranger and cryptic visions, Josie is thrust into a maze of hidden truths buried along the rugged Maine coastline. But his presence weaves a tapestry of danger, entangled with a legacy that could reshape her world.

Each clue Josie uncovers draws her deeper into a realm of ancient magic, supernatural mysteries, and lurking danger. And when she’s confronted by a supernatural foe with a malevolent agenda, Josie must unravel her mysterious past and confront an unknown future.

If you love mortals meets immortals and strong female heroines, you’ll love Book 1 of Nellie H. Steele’s Shadow Slayers series.

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Stolen Portrait Stolen Soul

Shadow Slayers Stories Book Two

Celine never expected the fate of the world to rest in her hands.

When her centuries-old painting containing a shard of her soul is stolen, Celine and her fellow Slayers embark on a dangerous mission to reclaim it. Armed with courage and magical powers, they journey back in time to the moment of the painting’s creation. But what awaits them is a treacherous battle against the forces of evil that threatens not only their own lives, but the future of humanity.

Will they succeed in their mission or will the dark forces lurking in the past prevail?

Stolen Portrait Stolen Soul is a thrilling supernatural suspense story perfect for fans of contemporary fantasy and magical tales.

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Shadow Slayer Stories Book Three

To save her life, he must be willing to risk his own.

When Damien returns home with a mystical painting, he never expected his world would be turned upside down. Danger and darkness greet him and his fellow Slayers as one of their own is suddenly and mysteriously abducted by a powerful enemy.

Desperate to find her, Damien and his partner embark on a perilous journey to locate her, risking their own lives. When the chance arises to communicate with the missing Slayer, Damien clings to it, even if it may prove fatal.

As Damien and the Slayers race against time, Will Damien and the Slayers find their missing companion before it’s too late?

If you like edge-of-your-seat supernatural suspense, you’ll be enthralled by Nellie H. Steele’s gripping paranormal thriller.

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Shadow Slayer Stories Book Four

A poisoned rose. Life-altering secrets. This enemy threatens to destroy everything.

When an old enemy returns, Celine and her fearless team of Shadow Slayers are thrown into a whirlwind of mystery and danger. Poisoned and struggling for her life, the stakes have never been higher for Celine and her friends.

With her inching closer to death, they must uncover the cause of her mysterious ailment and seek a way to save her. But danger lurks around every corner and their strength is tested when they must rely on a surprising ally to pull Celine back from the brink.

Will the Slayers be able to prevent the death of one of their own?

If you love supernatural drama and edge-of-your-seat suspense, you’ll be captivated by Nellie H. Steele’s gripping saga.

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Darkness Rising

Shadow Slayers Stories Book Five

A dangerous, new enemy blows into town. Death and destruction follow in her wake. It’ll take everything they have to stay alive.

Still recovering from the effects of a deadly poison, Celine desperately needs a break. But when her evil cousin arrives in the sleepy town of Bucksville, she realizes their tiny hamlet will never be the same. If it even survives…

With everyone’s lives on the line, Celine’s Slayers will need to band together to fight the darkness rising that threatens to destroy the world. And the death of one of their own sends them into a tailspin.

Will the Slayers be able to defeat the evil or will it consume their sleepy town before moving on to end the world?

Dark Shadows meets Stranger Things in this tense urban fantasy filled with action and supernatural drama.

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Shadow Slayer Stories Book Six

Bucksville is a power keg of danger. And it will only take one spark to destroy the entire world.

Scrambling to prevent an all-out war, Celine and her fellow Slayers search for a plan to combat Dominique and her sinister alliance with the Dracopires. An alliance that threatens to bring death and destruction to Celine, her family, her town, and the entire world. To counter her relentless attacks, the Slayers must push the boundaries of their own abilities.

But before they can solidify a plan to fight back, their newest ally, a powerful warlock with unparalleled knowledge of their enemy, is threatened by the dark coven. Celine and her companions must embark on a perilous mission to free him from the clutches of darkness before it’s too late.

Is their unity enough to defeat their most powerful enemy?

Join Celine, Damien, Marcus and the entire Slayer crew as they battle against unrelenting evil in Book 6 is this gripping paranormal women’s fiction series.

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